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I show my scars so that others know we can heal ….

I have developed psoriasis after giving birth to my gorgeous daughter in 2019.

Being told that there is no cure for it, I was advised to learn to live with it.
Receiving this news was devastating.

If trauma is defined as a state of relative helplessness, then I have to say this whole psoriasis journey is an accumulative trauma. Constant failure of countless treatments, loneliness and isolation began to set in and consume me.

Experiencing never-ending flare up episodes and the idea of wearing shorts or a bikini was terrifying. Suddenly I felt damaged, ugly, worthless, ashamed of my body and the pain was gut wrenchingly unbearable. It felt like someone had repeatedly placed a hot iron onto my bare skin on a daily basis.

Peace was a mere dream and relaxing was an impossibility. For it wasn’t just the constant pain, abnormal itchiness was eating me alive. Scratching myself until I bled, my clothes and bedding became covered in blood stains. Desperately I tried everything possible to help this condition; creams, diets, tablets, you name it, I tried it all and nothing helped.

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“Left in a state of shock and anxiety ridden for what felt like an eternity. I had no power over new patches, when they would show up and how painful they would be.”

– willana

People living with skin conditions often face stigma, pain, isolation, loneliness and internal shame just by merely existing. I was judging myself in the harshest way possible long before anybody else ever did. Choosing to shrink and hide, because that was the only way I felt safe…

One day I was watching my beautiful daughter playing with her dad (my husband).

I came to realization that I couldn’t live like this anymore. I love them both unconditionally. My husband loves me for who I am. My daughter teaches me to see life through her eyes of pure innocence, she sees me beyond my skin. So the question is, Why can’t I see myself this way? I had to pull myself together and find a way to recover. My goal was to become the best version of me, for both of them and ultimately myself. I was desperately looking for something that would ease my symptoms,be less nervous. I was constantly on edge as my condition was worsening. Searching the internet in a desperate bid to calm myself down I had found that some people had gone into remission from this disease. This gave me hope and recovery seemed possible. I started my adventure into researching diets, food, nutrition,vitamins and minerals. Vitamin deficiency was the area I was most focused on. Once I had compiled information, I then selected powerful anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, antioxidants and minerals. These are the goodies that I knew my body need and would appreciate. I bought all twelve and began adding them to my daily intake. The positive results overwhelmed me! After only 4 months the patches on my skin started to rapidly shrink, the itchiness decreased to a minimum and I slowly started seeing healthier skin. This cost me £150+a month! It was financially impracticable and unsustainable. Yet at the same time I was experiencing remarkable improvements in my psoriasis and overall health. These results made me decide that I need to create something that would contain all of these vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Taking 12 tablets a day was something I wanted to avoid as they contain unnecessary additives and making sure that everyone can have access to and afford this product was my second goal. Now I feel like a new person, my greatest passion and dream is to help others.
I am still healing because healthy skin is not an overnight process, taking collagen daily as part of my continual journey. Boosting immunity on a daily basis, coupled with its incredible beauty benefits. I absolutely love it! My life has changed completely and I am pain and itch free.

I hope that anyone who tries Revive Marine Collagen finds in this unique pot, everything they’ve been looking for. I hope that you will love it as much as I do!

I want to show everyone that suffers with skin problems that we can own our space, even when we’re at our lowest, we deserve to exist. I know how it feels to worry about how the outside world is looking at you.
If your skin is not your idea of perfection, It’s still part of you, you’re beautiful , worthy of love, especially when you feel like you are not.

Life is tough but so are you!

Always remember that.
Love Ivana x

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